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Mr. Ott's Online Classroom for 2017-18

This website in a based in wiki format such as will allow you will find links to all of the documents for your course and information on the topics discussed and lessons each day. You can choose any of the menu options on the side menu bar on any page to navigate through the wiki.

Let's work together to accomplish our goal of passing your Global History class and receiving a passing grade on the NYS Regents Exam! This exam is a requirement for Graduation. By using this wiki as a resource and for studying you can prepare yourself for exams and perfect skills necessary to graduate high school, for college, and beyond.
---- Good Luck throughout the school year, Mr. Ott
Global History III is a Fall Semester course in 10th grade. Global IV is in the Spring Semester. Both courses are required credit for graduation. The Global History regents is given in June at the end of 10th grade. Click the Global III/IV banner to select or Here
Course Works Plus is a closed classroom module for students of Park East High School for assignment submissions. At the present time it is not available to the general public or students/teachers at other schools.

Students of Park East High School will need to create an account for accessing your assignments, and remember your password.Click the Global III/IV banner to select or Here

YABC is the Young Adult Borough Center at the JFK Campus. Please use this link for all YABC classes and coursework.
  • Special Note for all New York State Global History Teachers regarding Course Structure and Exams.